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My iphone was left charging close by my lap top & the fan heat from my laptop was blowing directly on the phone & came back 30 mins later & dead. Had to reset holding the top & home buttons. Got a little concerned as ths is an unlocked version. All appears OK now.

benjamin Williams

My 8gb, last night, in its provided dock and ac adapter, got so hot i could not hold it and now has no life. no master reset is reviving it. plugging it in again i can feel it get hot, internally, within minutes. I believe it is fried/damaged from the inside from the intense heat. i have an appointment on monday, i'll keep you all posted on their response.
they better make me happy!!


I am having the exact same problem with my 3 month old 8gb iPhone as Benjamin, above. This wasn't a $50 toy, it should work for at least two years. I plan to take Apple to small claims court if they don't replace my phone.


With the recent update, not only can my phone not go 20 minutes without me having to do a hard reset on it because it freezes, but now when its plugged in to charge, it over heats. I am going to the apple store tomorrow.


I was charging my iPhone and texting at the same time because no one ever told me it was a problem. All of a sudden I looked down and my phone was off. I thought the light had just gone out but when I pressed the home button nothing happened. I discovered the phone was extremely hot. Now it's dead. I guess I'll have to get my friends AT&T phone until I can get something else. The iPhone 3G is coming out tomorrow, maybe I can convince my father to buy it for me.


I plugged my iPhone (1st generation) into it's charger 2 nights ago. And after about 20 minutes, I went to grab it and had to drop it because it was SO hot! I knew something was wrong, so I unplugged it. I took the cover off and tried to cool it down. It had turned itself off, and will not turn back on. I tried to reset it by holding down the home and power buttons at the same time, but it won't do anything. I also tried hooking it up to my computer, and there is no signal. I'm so sad. And I'm guessing that since the 3G is out now, any though of warranty is gone?
Ben Williams: What did you find out about yours? It sounds like we have the same problem...

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Yo fellas same thing here... I went to bed one night and plugged in my cryPhone and woke to take a piss about three hours later and I went to pick up my fryPhone it it burned my hand (yes i have pics)! I unplugged bla bla bla... my SIM card is now "U" shaped from warping in the heat. I will take out of Job's ass one of these days... ANYONE HAVE ANY UPDATES??? SOUNDS LIKE WE HAVE A LAW SUIT HERE!!!


MY iphone 3G used to get very hot and lose the battery in less than 20 minutes
I was suspecting that there is a background process working intensively leading for battery drainage.
The apple store concierge had confirmed this analysis yet the only remedy offered under the current operating system is to restore the phone default setup.
I followed this advice and it resolved the issue
Step one- back up the phone and all the applications
Make sure to sync as well
Step to click the restore to factory default (do not restore from backup as you will restore the problem with the offending application)

John Cipolletti

I have figured the problem out and have tried to tell everyone but haven't gotten very far. As a programmer I used to overclock CPUs in computers. Sometimes it works but if it does, things are improved only 10%. Pushing it harder usually causes major heating problems and internal communications problems. Well the firmware 3.0 seems to be doing this. With the 3G CPU running just over 400 MHz, it may also not be able to be overclocked. The FSB (frontside bus) may be what is being changed. Well, this probably is causing overheating, excessive battery drainage. But worse, programs mess up or stop all together. I have even heard that white iphone 3Gs units are turning brown from the heat, even though it's CPU runs at 600+ MHz.


I have an original first generation iPhone and two days ago, I found it unresponsive, the screen black and after dozens of attempts to restart it and plug it into multiple sources, it still remains unresponsive. Part of it is hot to the touch, making me think the battery was fried or died. Ive had it for over a year, but I seriously hope Apple can do something or replace it without forcing me to buy a completely new phone. Chances are it may not even be another iPhone I purchase if it comes down to it. When I visited AT&T for assistance, they could do nothing, claiming they only "sold the phone" and had no idea what to do. Tomorrow I will head to an Apple store for some help.


It's all hogwash.... Mine is running cool and fine since it's release... it's just a couple of faulty ones, from a batch of 5 million... BIG DEAL.... GET OVER IT.... it's all MEDIA HYPE...


My IPhone also seems to run hot, not burning hot, but hot enough to scare me. I do not think using 3g for a little bit should cause that much of an issue, I think I will call a rep soon (brand new).

Chris Zarate

It happens. Yesterday, I woke to find my iPhone that had been charging all night was very warm. I then proceeded to go to the gym where my phone overheated to the point of burning my arm. Needless to say, it's dead. Apple is sending me a new one, but what a pain. I will be without a phone for 3 days. Plus, they put a $499 hold on my credit card,to ensure that I send my old dead phone back. At least Apple is responsive to the issue.


I just had the same thing happen to my phone yesterday. I had the phone connected to my Apple speakers and when I took the phone out of the speaker dock it was too hot to hold. Needless to say the phone hasn't worked since.

This is an older 1st generation phone and I'm curious to know if anyone had any luck getting Apple to replace it and older (out of warranty) phone with this issue??


i woke up and my iphone was really hot and had 7% battery life...i put the phone in the freezer to cool it down lmao(dont bother doing that,it will get cool and when u charge it again,it gets hot)


I thought everything Apple was supposed to be superior in all ways to everything else? Guess that includes TEMPERATURE. hahaha you people make me laugh.


Mine had this issue a few months ago, got so hot it burned the desk it was on, when I took it in to the apple store they said the water sensor had changed to red so they can't look at it, I asked if excesive heat could cause the indicatorto change and they didn't know.

So I have an iPhone 3g that is sitting in a box waiting for apple to deal with my complaint, oh and the phone spent it's life in a case and was never near any water


iphones on some bullshit shit


All these issues are very simular idk if its because of faulty chargers or if its because of the faulty hardware of the phone its self. My phone has experienced the same issues, the overheating and the phone not able to hold a complete charge, my phone just finished one of its fits (lol!) and what i did to resolve this issues was unplug my phone from the charger. One other thing that i want to add is make sure that the charge that you have actually did come from the apple manufactuer because if it didnt the voltage from the battery and the voltage from the charger from the outlet must be the same, if it isnt it will cause the low battery life and the overheating. So DONT USE ANY GENERIC IPHONE CHARGER!! BEWARE...

John S.

My IPhone just overheated in my pocket while at work, so hot that I'm lucky it was in a case. It would not turn back on and I had to do a hard reboot. I plugged it in and am charging it now. I may take it to the apple store when I leave work.



just had this happen to me also, twice within the last hour, for the first time since I bought my phone in May. only way to get back on was reset, and phone was really only moderately warm... only thing I did was upgrade to 3.1 operating system yesterday, not sure if that's related.... Thought I read something about better battery management in the new features

John Cumming

My 2 month old 3GS iphone has always had a poor battery life but now needs recharging every night (I am a light user). Now it has statered to overheat and run out of battery and switched itself off.
I assume it is a faulty battery. I have only ever used the apple supplied charger

Mike SHay

Today, the power cord for my iphone sparked and started smoking. The cord was in a well ventilated area. The cord was not connected to the phone. I immediately called Apple to inform them of what was going on. The representative (a man) "acted" concerned and asked me a list of questions. His tone sounded like this was a common occurrence and Apple products over heated and started smoking all the time.
The rep. informed me that I could drive an hour to the nearest Apple retail store and they would give me a new cord and that that was all he could do. He didn't offer to have one shipped; which you think that is what he should have done considering this product could have done errediple harm to my HOUSE OR TO MY FAMILY!
After I told him I couldn't drive to the store today I told him I would be in Milwaukee on the weekend he set up a meeting with, "One of the managers I think", the reps words, at the Bayshore store.I told him I would be replacing my new bug ridden iphone (that I bought in July of this year) along with the power cord ofcourse. The rep seemed very unconcerned about the whole thing.


Mines is over heating and on responsive. Its only warm to the touch when i plug it up but it smells like burnt plastic. Sad, i have alot of info saved on that phone. :-(

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