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Steven Chang

Let's get ePocrates on the iPhone!

Andrew Schechtman, M.D.

Getting ePocrates (and other 3rd party, non-browser-based medical applications) for the iPhone is essential for adoption by the medical community at large.

Rowan Paul, MD

THE reason for me not getting the iPHONE is that it doesn't support 3rd party medical software whereas most PDA's from Palm and Pocket PC/Windows Mobile do. Please consider the huge potential market in the medical field for a good phone/PDA with great GUI, WIFI, expandable memory and the ability to use third party software that runs directly off the phone! -sincerely Rowan Paul

Jeff Tangney
Janet Sollod

I got the iphone, love it, but still carry my treo @ work for epocrates...

Eric Snyder

If the iphone could use epocrates or tarascon pharmacopia and wills eye manual I would change. I think I may get the new treo with wifi on either palm or windows. Though, everything else I use at home is mac.

Laura Hamilton

The ONLY REASON I'm not getting an iPhone is because it can't run these programs!! Trust me, I really wish it did run the programs but I need programs more than the iPhone at this point...too bad I couldn't have both.

Laura Hamilton

The ONLY REASON I'm not getting an iPhone is because it can't run these programs!! Trust me, I really wish it did run the programs but I need programs more than the iPhone at this point...too bad I couldn't have both.

Chip Williams

I bought an iPhone and have tried the online version of Epocrates and it's not functional. Please, Epocrates, write a Web 2.0 app for the iPhone!

Michael Chang
Chris McCarthy

I have and love the iphone, but getting medical software that is quick and available, preferably something stored locally on the phone rather than as a web applicaiton, is going to be crucual for the success of the iphone in the medical arena.

Hopefully Apple will realize the potential of the medical market, much as Palm did, and react appropriately.

Steve Hennigan

I won't get an iphone 'til I can get epocrates for it. It's that simple.

HSB Baraf, MD

The lack of epocrates is the single biggest defect in my switch from a Palm Treo to the iphone. I strongly implore ePocrates and Apple to get their act together and make this program available on the iPhone.

Heidi Hehnly
Deanne Daggett

I would definitely buy the iphone if I could use epocartes or Tarascon's Pharmacopia. Untill that happens, I will wait

Jay Erlebacher MD

I'd get an iPhone today if it had ePocrates.

jennifer friedman

An iphone was purchased for me as a gift. Though I have been looking forward to the release of iphone, I will unfortunately have to return it as I have learned that epocrates is not yet available. When epocrates becomes available for iphone I will reconsider purchasing the iphone.

Nabeel Farooqui

i fully support this effort, but you will need to direct your efforts towards epocrates because apple is only the hardware supplier and epocrates is the developer... apple has given the guidelines for developing web based apps for the iphone and epocrates can VERY EASILY do this...

Desiderio Pina, MD

I had placed an order for an iphone but then cancelled it when I tried to use the web version of epocrates and it did not work. The ONLY reasonI do not get an iphone right now is because I NEED epocrates for work. I even stood in line and was willing to buy it AND still carry my treo for eocrates but they ran out of then before I got up to purchase it.
Epocrates/Apple...PLEASE make it happen. As an avid Apple and Epocrates fan (shareholder in the first) I require these two to work together.

Richard Goldweit MD

I am very proud to be an owner of an iPhone!

In its first release, Apple has created a near perfect communications device that is years ahead of any phone (it's many things more than a phone!) product out there and is pure joy to use!

However, web-based software like Epocrates Online is too inefficient for the busy physician to use even when using Wi-Fi 802.11n technology.

I concur with the above comments but want to take it a step or two further: Apple must help provide efficient integrated solutions for the healthcare community that will let the amazing iPhone user interface transform modern medical care.

Herbert Baraf

iPhone is great, but I miss my ePocrates. Its not ideal to have to carry two devices. We need iPocrates on the iPhone!


Need epocrates on iphone..

Gevork Mosesi MD

I really need epocrates on iPhone. Its a hassle to carry 2 PDA's to work.


The only reason I think I may return teh iPhone is that it does not support the pharmacopia option for physcians. All physcians need the drug manual. My palm can carry more than 50 books including drug manuals and I can always invest in the smallest of phones. I would keep the iPhone if Only the drug manuals could work, iPhone is too cool and I would give up all teh other books of palm. I am sure its a matter if time before this becames available.

Jeremy Cannon

I have an iPhone and would love to referece epocrates as many of my treo-owning colleagues already do. Apple--PLEASE PLEASE make an arrangement with epocrates to run their essential medical software.

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