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there was a guy at the imax downtown with one - when asked about it - he said he had worked on the project.


I don't see any iPhone.....Sorry lame!


I saw an iPhone at the San Francisco Hall of Justice about a month ago, but I was too shy to ask about it. haha ... the iPhone. It's like Elvis.


Wow, you just missed the opportunity of a lifetime.


Wow by the passion in the responses here I reckon a few heads are gonna roll when this bad boy does hit the streets. My cash is on ProspectiveiPhoneBuyer to commit the first killing over the iphone. He was so pissed he couldn't even type his response properly.

Anyway dude I buy it, there must be some sort of testing going on in the wild, well done on pushing for the third party apps! You should have told him his car was being robbed and then legged it with the iphone!

Nunvyer Bizniz

What iPhone?


Yeah, there are supposedly lots of Apple employees using iPhones. I met a guy in San Francisco, waiting for the restroom at a shabu shabu place called Cafe Mums.

I begged him to let me hold it but he refused... he probably thought i was gonna run with it, and I probably would have =)

He was nice enough to show me coverflow, a movie, sms'ing, contacts, etc. I was super excited after seeing it - it looked elegant, high quality, and truly innovative. Seeing the keynote is one thing, seeing it being used is quite another. I have used the Symbian UIQ, which is the closest in terms of features and interactivity for a phone... and the iPhone simply blows it away. The speed and graphic quality is simply incomparable.

I believe the iPhone is the next iPod - it will be unparalleled for years to come.


Maybe you really did see someone using one, but those pics are worthless for your story.


run away with!!!!

Jeremy Pepper

Spiel, for future reference.

Ara Pehlivanian

You can see something in the second picture, but you have to click on it to get the higher resolution version. It looks like the shiny back of the iPhone, though it could be a video iPod too. I cleaned it up as much as I could and posted it here: http://arapehlivanian.com/pub/iphone-in-the-wild.jpg


Must be an iphone, check out how bored and confused he looks


I don't see an iphone in the pictures. Is this some sort of digg-bait?


did you think about saying hello to the guy... and then stealing the iphone?


Whatever, my friend worked on the iPhone and has one he can take out in public.


Whoa, man what is up with some of your people, it's just a phone, you know in a few months they are going to come up with something smaller and better, well I in fact was in the restaurant with steven and he was freeking out over the phone, and I was like, wow, cool,

so everyone get over yourselves, you don't believe him or don't like the pics then go back to the hole you came from


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adhi guererro

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